About Rothera Cycling

StefanScorcho-300x199In 2009 I planned an impromptu trip to Paris to follow the Tour de France, where I spent a month with friends and collected as many unique cycling caps as I could at each stage of the race. When I returned stateside I sat down behind my mom’s sewing machine, cycling cap on my head, and decided to teach myself how to sew.

I started making these hats as an alternative to the cheap cotton cycling caps that all look and fit the same way. If I wasn’t losing them, they were falling apart. So I decided to make a unique hat that I was proud of and that could keep up with me and my bicycle.

All our hats are made by hand in South Philly from fabrics purchased locally.

Retro Cycling Caps

All about Cycling Hats

What are cycling hats? This kind of cap is produced from thin cotton which is more flexible than other materials and has an elastic band fitted in the back. This is one of a kind hat because the materials can help achieve the perfect and desirable fit. The other name of cycling hats or caps is cycling berretta and it’s a typical part of road cycling. The cycling caps have undergone numerous changes over the years. During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the cycling hat has been characterized by its distinctive looks.

The reasons why people are wearing these caps are to keep sweat away from their eyes. The peak of the hat offers protection against harsh sunlight and rain. In this regard they work extremely well.

Function and Form

The cycling cap is important as it serves both function and form. It can also keep your head warm. This could make the cyclist appear more eccentric and unique.

How to wear the cap

It is up to the owner on how he will wear the cap, cycling cap can be worn alone or under a helmet. This depends on what makes the cyclist more comfortable. Using a helmet or not, the cycling cap can be worn peak down or peak up. Most riders want to wear the cap backwards. When summer time comes, this cap serves as a scalp protector as well.

Where can I get one?

CyclingCapModern-300x300If you want to buy a cycling cap, there are a lot of brands that specialize in producing berretta or caps. Wearing one display the fact that the wearer may be a keen cycling enthusiast. On the other hand you can also buy the one that everyone might be guessing what type or sort of cyclist you are. However, it’s still up to the fashion scene if these caps will be cool again. So if you are fond of the cycling hats, just keep on wishing that one day it will be back in the spotlight once again.

Cycling caps has become iconic over the years. People are keen of buying the caps because of the reason that their favourite riders own the same type of cap. Many cycling enthusiast are collecting and hoarding cycling caps. It’s a good choice using that kind of cap.

I know there are a lot of people who owns a cycling cap. These caps come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours and materials. So if you are planning to own one, search the internet for different types that will suit your style.

As mentioned above, a cycling cap is a fashion statement for the cyclists. Some of the fashion gurus said that the way you wear the cap can make or break you. People are wishing that it will be back to where it should be, on the podium. However, it’s still up to the fashion scene if these caps will be cool again. So if you are fond of the cycling hats, just keep on wishing that one day it will be back in the spotlight once again.


How to Find a Good Portable Speaker

Portable speakers are the next big thing in electronic gadgets to have this year. Different manufacturers like Sony, Bose, Pioneer, Jabra, JBL, G-Project, Logitech and a lot more have ventured into this business because of the demand of the modern man. Speakers where invented for use in the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell back in 1876. Loudspeakers became popular for use in motion pictures in the 1920s. From then on, the rest is history. The speakers boomed figuratively and literally. They have ever since been in demand and the technology caught up with that demand by making the speaker have greater sound quality, and making it more compact even to the point that we now have portable speakers. This was deemed to be unimaginable back in the time of Mr. Graham Bell but now, he would be proud to where it is now.

With all the technological advancements in the music and electronic industry, the portable speaker has taken a big chunk of the sales in the market. Now, how come companies have ventured in this business and risked investing millions of dollars? Because the demand is high!

How did the demand go high? Because of the demand of devices like iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets and a lot more gadgets that have music which needs a better speaker than that on the phone/tablet itself. The solution: portable speakers! They are the perfect pair. Every month phone companies release different models and series of phones which definitely have music playing capabilities. Pairing it up with a portable speaker is the perfect solution to making music on the phone audible to the whole room.

With the phone upgrades and updates, portable speaker phones have to catch up with what these phones can do.

Now, the regular techie consumer doesn’t just buy a regular portable speaker to be paired with his device, he looks for a couple of things before investing in a portable speaker system for example if it has bluetooth speakers with subwoofer. If you also consider buying a speaker system to be paired with your phone, then look for these things which make them the best bluetooth speaker:

Quality Sound: Of course, first point should be the sound quality. Test the speaker at high volumes. Check the lows, mids and highs of how the speaker would sound. Top companies who are known for quality sound are Bose, Sony, and Logitech. Small speakers now do not have a problem of producing quality sound. This is the major factor for consumers to buy portable speakers.

Camp Food: Packing and Cooking for Camping

TentI think most people would agree that one of the best parts about camping is the amazingly delicious camp food. There is just something about the smell of a campfire, and something even more about the taste of the campfire in your food. Whether you cook your food on a gas grill or over the fire, there are so many meals you can experiment with at camp. You don’t just have to stick to cans of beans. Unless of course you like beans, like myself. But beans without a burger is just unheard of. Regardless, you will need a nice size cooler to hold all of your foods, drinks and condiments. Something that will last for days while you are out in the wilderness, far from civilization. There is some debate over what exactly is the best cooler for camping, but I would have to agree you can’t beat a Yeti.

It’s important to also choose wisely when planning your meals for camping. It’s best to go with items that are compact and can be easily packed, as well as items that have multiple uses so that you don’t get sick of the same meals over and over. Obviously, hotdogs are always a great option. All you need to do is find a stick near your campsite and stick the dog on it. Hang it in the fire, plop it on a bun and dinner is served. Don’t throw away your stick though. Of course you will be needing those to roast marshmallows and make smores for dessert. Is it really camping without smores? But that’s beside the point, planning for hotdogs allows you to pack light. A small pack of hotdogs can go a long way, and then all that you need are the condiments and bread, both of which can be used for multiple meals. Ketchup and mustard are great for hotdogs, but can also be used for sandwiches and burgers. Bread can be used as a substitute for hamburger buns, as well as sandwiches or even toast for breakfast.

Potatoes are one of those essential items that always comes in handy when cooking at the campground. They can easily be cooked over the skillet for a delicious breakfast, or wrapped in foil and baked for dinner. They are easy to pack and can be eaten at every meal. The same can be said for pasta, my favorite being penne. It doesn’t need to be stored in a cooler and is easily cooked by boiling a pot of hot water over the fire. Penne pasta can be used to make macaroni and cheese by melting a block of Velveeta also over a fire. It can be made into a pasta salad by chopping up some vegetables and drizzling it with Italian dressing. Additionally, it can easily be made for a spaghetti night with a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce.

A lightweight snack that is great for camping is popcorn. It packs light and can be cooked over the campfire making it very convenient. Bacon is very versatile and makes great camp food as well. If you have a skillet you can cook it over the fire, eating it for breakfast with your eggs or to make BLTs for lunch or dinner. You can even use the bacon in your baked beans to add some flavor. Bacon is one of those things that not only goes for everything, but everyone likes it too.

Cooking while camping isn’t just essential, it can actually be a lot of fun. I’ve eaten some of the best meals by cooking it over a campfire and it is the one reason I love to camp. The important thing is to plan appropriately and pack lightly. Have a good cooler that will last and keep your food cold while being out in the wilderness. And make sure you don’t forget anything, because once you have set up camp, you will not want to have to trek back to town for that one little thing you missed.


Gorgeous Fashion Fads for 40s

For most, life begins at forty. This could be the best time of your life when you reached the peak of your career meet your best buddy for life. Of course, it doesn’t mean that even if you reached half of you’re the average human life span, you would stop dressing fabulously. Age is just a figure. People should remain young at heart. Whether you are at your 40s, don’t hesitate to express and tell the world what you’ve got.

The Fashionable Wardrobes

Wear fashionable wardrobes, which are subtle, yet sophisticated. Pick the best texture to enhance your inner beauty. Some fashion stylish say that black is not the best shade after all especially when you age although it remains one of the most elegant shades among all others. You can find the latest fashion trends at WP Fashionista. Nonetheless, you may have as many black pieces as you wish, just don’t forget to combine accents and accessories; the right accessories which are not too obvious and bright. Seriously, avoid dazzling colors. It doesn’t mean you’ll totally get rid them. But at age forty, neutral and pastel are the best options.

The Closet Stuff

What should be inside your closet? A blazer and a coat should always be on top of the list. It blends well to almost all kinds of clothing style. With this piece around, you won’t have to worry if someone calls you to join an emergency meeting. In general, a pair of black slacks or pants suits in most occasions. And yes, jeans don’t go off the hook even at your 40s.

In and Out of the Dresser

How about the dresser? A collection of accessories should include pairs of earrings, rings, necklace, cloth and cloth pins. These stuffs help a lot to bring life to your clothing. The dresser would not be complete without the makeup, tints and shades. The right make-up works a lot to bring glow to your appearance. Not to mention that this really work to mask your real age by concealing scars, blemishes and other skin imperfections.

Health and Fitness Complements Confidence for Fashion

It’s not a secret. Even at late 30s, some laboratory work-ups begin to rise. Your metabolism slows down and if you are not really health conscious, you may have gained more pounds than ever. Hence, strive to stay healthy and fit. Choose the right food and engage in daily exercise routines. Remember, sedentary lifestyle is a real killer. It kills your health. It can cause you to bank a large sum of cash. And above all, it will totally wreck your confidence. In almost anything, confidence matters especially in building good impression. While any sort of clothes will do at age 40, the woman must be confident enough to wear these clothes.

Best Dresses to Pick

This dress encases the body with its close-fit design. It often comes with either pleat or slit giving emphasis on the waist. Sheath dresses look great with belts on. For muffin-shaped bodies, crumpled pleats near the waist line through the chest covers the stomach. Such patterned fabric help conceal the unsightly shape on specific body part. Try to avoid lightweight and slinky textured fabrics. However, if you’re slender and slim, you might choose those with waist-enhancing seams to balance the body proportion. Don’t wear heavy fabrics that hug through your body contours unless you want to project the being thin.

Benefits of Bicycles for your Health

Daily routines like commuting to and from work can be taken for granted easily with a lot of options now available for us to choose from.  Most often, people will choose the more practical, if not easier option — choosing the bus over driving, the train over walking.  Indeed, life would be easier.  Yet although these choices are truly sensible there is also one thing being taken for granted in lieu of practicality, our health.

Truly, one downside of being overly dependent on technology is that it makes us lazier, using practicality as an excuse to not getting enough exercise every day.  Even if technology does make life easier to carry out on a daily basis, we should not neglect the fact that we ought to be getting enough exercise.  When you feel that you are in this kind of dilemma, the answer is simpler as you would have thought.

Yes, there is one kind of technology that gives you your much-needed exercise while getting you to your point of destination.  The answer is bicycles.  What is a hybrid bike? Riding a bike is a joy that many overlook. Gone were the days when riding a bike was done by many for both work and play.  Now, it is just as simple as hailing a cab or a bus, or taking the subway to get almost anywhere you want to be, barely getting enough exercise in the process.

On the other hand, riding a bicycle has a lot more benefits than what you would have gotten from a bus or train ride.  First, using a bicycle is more economical than paying for your fare at a public commute.  Some may argue that bicycles cost more than a bus ticket.  Yet this is not the case.  If you add up all the train or bus tickets you paid for in a year and compare the resulting amount to the cost of a good and sturdy bicycle, you will see that you have paid more for public transport than what you would have spent when using a bike.  Replacement bike parts are also cheaper than car parts; the same also goes for the other accessories needed for biking like the helmet, road light, knee and elbow pads, etc. Look up some of the best hybrid bikes for women.

Another benefit of riding bicycles is that it is usually low maintenance when compared to owning a car.  Cars are great modes of transportation but the not-so-great thing about them is that they require a great deal of upkeep to keep them at performing condition.  On the contrary, conventional bikes or those used on a regular basis on urban terrain these require very little maintenance work.  All you virtually need to do is oil the gears, check the brakes, and maintain the tire pressure and you are good to go.

Camping Essentials

When venturing out into the wild unknown for a camping trip, making sure you are well prepared can be vital to your survival. Although most of those who camp often recommend packing light, we recommend packing smart. That means, taking all the tools you think you might possibly need, but yet not bringing the whole house with you. Luckily, camping tools have evolved significantly over the last two decades allowing us to carry more while carrying less.  Almost all avid campers would agree that brining with a source of fire, a multi-tool, and some sort of navigational device is vital to camping survival.

A fire source is of utmost importance when heading into any woods. Not only will fire keep you warm through the night, if you get stranded in the wilderness, but it can also function as a signaling device if you are ever lost. Furthermore, you are likely to need fire to cook whatever food you have brought with, or scavenged from the land.

The easiest, most convenient and transportable of any fire source is of course, a lighter. However, lighters can be troublesome in wet and windy environments. Not to mention, all lighters will eventually run out of fuel, so having a source of fire that has longevity and uses in all environments is an important consideration to make. Those that camp avidly and particularly the individuals interested in survival training always carry a secondary fire source, assuming they are carrying a lighter. Flint is the most common alternative, and this comes in many shapes, sizes and devices now days. However, the principle remains, by striking a flint stick, a spark is created, and thus fire. There are now even tools that can help to make the old style bow drill, but we feel if you’re carrying a manual fire source, it might as well be a flint kit.

If nothing else, even aside from a fire source and a navigational device, almost all survivalist and campers never even leave the house without a knife or multi-tool. Originally, knives or unique pocket knives were carried, but because multi-tools have become so transportable, they make sense to be carried and prepared for more with the same size pocket real estate. Multi-tools now come in all shape, sizes, tool assortments and functionality. Some tools are certainly more suited for specific individuals, specifically those that have tactical interest. For many of our campers, a standard multi-tool will usually do the job. However we recommend checking out best multi-tool to find the best multi-tool to fit your needs.

The navigational device has become common place in almost everyone’s pocket these days. Almost all smart phones now come equipped with a map or at the very least a compass. We have grown to take these for granted. It has become so easy to punch in an address or coordinate, press navigate and you are on your merry way. However, phone reception can be a common issue at many camping sites across the globe. That is, you will not have service and therefore no map! Oh my, I know its hard to believe, but it does happen.  Learning to use a compass and use a map should be on the top of priorities of any camper. It is shocking how many people cannot use a standard map, let alone utilizing a compass along with it. Although, the idea of using a map/compass combo seems straightforward to most, understanding how to properly utilize (especially in the woods with no reference point) it is a different story. There are many make and models of compasses and maps, but the functionality of them all remains the same. Of course, with the advent of technology, many corporations such as Garmin have done this work for us. This is an alternative to a map/compass but it should be considered that GPS devices still have to “acquire satellites” and batteries can and will die at the worst possible time.

Some of the shortest plan camping trips can turn into a long lost journey in the wilderness. Ensuring that you are best prepared for such an event can be vital to your survival. Of course, the principle of more tools is always better; this just may not be practical. Carrying at least the bare minimum of a fire source, multi-tool/knife and a navigational device will help to make your journey into the wilderness safer and hopefully a lot more enjoyable.