How to Find a Good Portable Speaker

Portable speakers are the next big thing in electronic gadgets to have this year. Different manufacturers like Sony, Bose, Pioneer, Jabra, JBL, G-Project, Logitech and a lot more have ventured into this business because of the demand of the modern man. Speakers where invented for use in the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell back in 1876. Loudspeakers became popular for use in motion pictures in the 1920s. From then on, the rest is history. The speakers boomed figuratively and literally. They have ever since been in demand and the technology caught up with that demand by making the speaker have greater sound quality, and making it more compact even to the point that we now have portable speakers. This was deemed to be unimaginable back in the time of Mr. Graham Bell but now, he would be proud to where it is now.

With all the technological advancements in the music and electronic industry, the portable speaker has taken a big chunk of the sales in the market. Now, how come companies have ventured in this business and risked investing millions of dollars? Because the demand is high!

How did the demand go high? Because of the demand of devices like iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets and a lot more gadgets that have music which needs a better speaker than that on the phone/tablet itself. The solution: portable speakers! They are the perfect pair. Every month phone companies release different models and series of phones which definitely have music playing capabilities. Pairing it up with a portable speaker is the perfect solution to making music on the phone audible to the whole room.

With the phone upgrades and updates, portable speaker phones have to catch up with what these phones can do.

Now, the regular techie consumer doesn’t just buy a regular portable speaker to be paired with his device, he looks for a couple of things before investing in a portable speaker system for example if it has bluetooth speakers with subwoofer. If you also consider buying a speaker system to be paired with your phone, then look for these things which make them the best bluetooth speaker:

Quality Sound: Of course, first point should be the sound quality. Test the speaker at high volumes. Check the lows, mids and highs of how the speaker would sound. Top companies who are known for quality sound are Bose, Sony, and Logitech. Small speakers now do not have a problem of producing quality sound. This is the major factor for consumers to buy portable speakers.